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Santor Power Amplifier


This hybrid power amplifier with his wide class A area and its capability to produce high current is, despite its seemingly low output power, able to reproduce dynamic jumps and micro information accurately. The number of amplification stages that are in the signal path – as in all AcousticPlan components – is reduced to a minimum. So the signal for voltage amplification passes only one triode – responsible for the sound quality of the Santor power amplifier – followed by an impedance converter with MOS-FETs. This is done without any overall feedback or differential amplification. Extensive protection circuits recognize any faults in the tubes or power stage. In the case of the power stage, an extremely fast release prevents danger to the speakers - without relays at the output.

Again, the casing consists of high quality, precision-engineered single aluminium plates and two heat sinks placed at the outside. The main transformer is enclosed separately.

sensitivity: 1 V
normal / balanced / mono source impedanz max. 250 Ohm
s/n ratio: 95 dB(A)
power output:

2 x 50 W/8 Ohm
2 x 100 W/4 Ohm
2 x 160 W/2 Ohm

1 x 200 W/8 Ohm
1 x 320 W/4 Ohm

dimensions (w x h x d): 260 x 170 x 350mm
weight: 19 kg incl. external power supply
finish: frontplate blue, casing silver
others on request
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