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Sarod Preamplifier


The first stage of an amplification chain is basically responsible for the sound quality of the final result. With this in mind, it is useful to pay special attention to the preamplification of the smallest signals, like line signal or phono signal.

The Sarod preamplifier has been perfected to a least possible number of amplification stages. For example, there is only one triode in the signal path of line inputs. This principle of minimalistic circuit design continues with the optional phono stage that can replace one of the four line inputs. Two triodes were used for the amplification of MM signals; equalization for RIAA is passive. To lift the smallest signals of an MC cartridge to MM level, it is possible to use either a transistor stage or a step-up transformer.

In selecting the different components and materials no expense was spared. For example, volume control is carried out by a resistance switch with a 24 position-stepped attenuator of the highest quality. Longlife tubes and all critical components are of superior quality. The casing consists of precision-engineered single aluminium plates.

input: 4 x line
one as optional phono input
sensitivity line: input 1 200 mV
input 2 balanced 200 mV
input 3+4 200 mV
sensitivity phono:
MM 3 mV
MC-gain high 0.2 mV
MC-gain low 0.4 mV
s/n ratio line: 95 dB(A)
s/n ratio phono:
MM 80 dB(A)
MC 75 dB(A)

line 1V/200 Ohm
normal and balanced

dimensions (w x h x d): 260 x 170 x 350mm
weight: 19 kg incl. external power supply
finish: frontplate blue, casing silver
others on request
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