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Jubilee Series Varia-Curve Phono Stereo Control Center

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See the SoundStage High End 2006 Show Report where the JPA-66 is name a Show Stopper

Since 1940 EMT has offered outstanding audio products for the professional user. On the special occasion of EMTís 66th Anniversary, exceptional new products for the home user have been developed. Sure to astound the consumer audiophile as well as professional market, we bring you the JPA-66 Vario-Curve Tube Stereo Control Center, part of our new Jubilee series of products.

The JPA-66 is the culmination of our senior engineering expertise and has been painstakingly optimized, in actual use, with feedback from sound engineers, record collectors and numerous other music lovers and specialists.

With the JPA-66 at your fingertips, you have an extremely versatile stereo control center. Combining both innovative technology and ease of use, the JPA-66 exemplifies EMTís goal of cutting edge innovation while continuing our rich tradition of truthful music reproduction. Premium quality components, meticulous engineering and unique ergonomics designed around all triode tube amplification, allow the sonic beauty to emerge from your treasured vinyl collection. Current production triode tubes, used in the JPA-66 assure years of continued service through easy availability from your EMT dealer.

From the front panel of the JPA-66, the user may adjust ALL parameters for their particular installation, including cartridge equalization and even specific vinyl characteristics. Please see below for detailed features of the JPA-66.


  • 4 Phono and 2 Line level inputs.
    Flexible installation allowing the JPA-66 to be your complete control center.

  • Stepless, adjustable impedance matching for each individual cartridge.
    Precise, subtle adjustments, bring out the best in your cartridge.

  • Individual input level control for each phono input.
    Allows meticulous adjustment for precise system matching.

  • Variable equalization for all 78 RPM records as well as mono and stereo LPís.
    Adjustable playback curves allow extremely accurate disc reproduction.

  • Adjustable RIAA turnover between 250 to 2000 cps.
    Accurate, repeatable adjustments highlight sonic characteristics for each disc.

Additional Features:

  • Scratch filter completely adjustable between 100 kHz to 3 kHz.

  • RIAA circuit for early acoustical recordings.

  • Human hearing has been analyzed for highly optimized subsonic filter circuit design.

  • Stereo, Mono and Mute switches.

  • Through the use of unique output circuitry, the JPA-66 is capable of driving any type tube or transistor amplifier, for accurate, dynamic music reproduction.


  • Frequency response: 10 to 50,000 cps /- 0.5 dB

  • Gain: MM 53 dB; MC 73 dB, in each case adjustable +/- 10 dB

  • THD: 0.02 % @ 14 dBu output level

  • Maximum Output: + 28 dBu/ 21 V RMS

Note: Due to EMTís commitment to product improvement, as well as continuing research and development , we reserve the right to change specifications at any time.

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