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Leben Hi-Fi Co. is a Japanese manufacturer of rare hi-fi. Mr. Hyodo, who owns Leben Hi-Fi Co., is a multi-talented individual. He was a professional musician, a well-known audiophile, and a skilled hi-fi engineer, having long experience in designing famous amplifiers under Luxman Corporation, an important player in the Japanese high-end market, besides their mass-market products - since 1925.

Leben is also a specialized manufacturer of electrical and electronic parts such as power transformers, switches, and so on, which are the main products of Leben. Their hi-fi amplifiers are more of a product of passion, and not many models are made. Several people in Japan have actually gathered and set up a fan club called "Leben Audio Lovers' Club". Members are always waiting for a new model from Leben, which amazes them each time.

In light of these circumstances, Mr. Hyodo has started in recent years to produce lower-cost amplifiers to allow more music lovers the possibility to enjoy Leben's tube sound without investing too much - such as the models CS-200, CS-250, and CS-300.

Mr. Hyodo is nowadays ranked as one of the best seven tube audio engineers in Japan. He is also a well-known collector of some of the world's premium tubes such as 3CSS, 12AT7, E288CC, 6L6GC (5881), all of which are (will be) used in Leben amplifiers at their best capabilities based on Leben's technology.

Leben does not produce many models, amplifier production is a hobby of Mr. Hyoudo and it is for his own pleasure. Leben's amplifiers are basically designed to satisfy Mr. Hoyoudo's desire for the best sound regardless of the products commercial merits. This is the reason why Leben's amplifiers have a superior characteristics which can be realized only by a person who is an expert in both music playing, listening and audio technology.

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