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CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier


CS-300XS is equipped with EL-84s, which is well known for high sound quality against its small size. A high input sensitivity of EL84 does not require a complicated circuit and accordingly, it can create a low distortion output signal.

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EL84 is nowadays produced in several countries, however, we used for CS-300XS a premium EL84 which increased much a sound quality of CS-300XS in spite of a bit evaluation of a cost of CS-300XS. For Driver circuit, we used a tube of GENERAL ELECTRIC 5751 (premium version of 12AX7A) which has passed JAN (Joint Army & Navy) standard of U.S. Army and has a very stable and reliable quality.


  • Highest grade "RMG-F" type, with gold-plated lead wire

  • FIRST-STAGE BY-PASS CONDENSOR: An ultimate audio condensor "OS Condenser" developed by "SANYO"

  • LAST-STAGE BY-PASS CONDENSER: Silk-Shielded "SILMIC Condenser" developed by "ELNA"

  • JOINT CONDENSER: "Metalized Polypropylene Condenser" with "Mesh-Shielding"

  • POWER TRANSFORMER: Newly developed specially for this product

  • SIDE-WOOD PANEL: Canadian White-Ash".


Tubes Equipped

EL84 X 4
  5751(G.E.) X 2
Output Power 15W X 2
Frequency Response 15Hz - 100KHz (-2 dB)
Distortion 0.7% (10W)
Input Sensitivity 600mV
Output Impedance 4/6/8 Ohms (Selectable)
Power Consumption 65W
Weight 10.5 Kgs.
Dimensions 360(W) X 270(D) X 140(H) mm
Attachment Detachable AC Power Cable x 1

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