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RS-28CX Preamplifier

"AMPEREX" (USA) PREMIUM TUBE 12AT7: The Phono equalizer Circuit of RS-28CX creates CR type RIAA curve through the Premium Tube 12AT7 of Amperex(U.S.A.). This CR type Phono Equalizer is not a normal NF type, but is not adding any Feedback in order to bring the Superior characteristic of 12AT7.

"SEMENS" (Germany) BROAD BAND DUAL-TRIODE TUBE The line Amplifier Circuit consists of Dual-Triode Tube E288CC of Semens (Germany) by SRPP system, and can supply a strong enough signal of 80V to the Power Amplifier. Therefore, RS-28C can drive all kinds of Power Amplifiers of Low-Sensitivity or Low-Driving capability.

HIGH-GRADE PARTS The Highest available components (Condensors, Resisters, etc) are used for all of important parts which concern to the Sound quality, and also a high grade Detachable AC power cord is applied.

INDEPENDENT POWER SUPPLY UNIT. In order to shut-off any influences from the Power transformer to the main circuit, the Power Supply Unit is separated from the main body.

OTHER FEATURES 30 seconds Muting after Power-On.

Real-wooden Full cabinet.

blue moon award
Tubes Equipped  E288CC X 2
  12AT7 X 2
  5Y3WGT X 1
Phono EQ Amplifier RIAA Curve : Less than 0.3dB>
  Max. Input : 400mV (2 KHz)
  Gain : 25.2dB.
Line Amplifier Max. Output : 80V (Variable)
  Output Impedance : 580O
  Remaining Noise : 0.03mV.
Power Consumption 43W
Weight Main Body : 7.0 Kgs.
  Power Supply : 6.5 Kgs.
Dimensions Main Body : 352(W) X 240(D) X 175(H) mm
  Power Supply : 233(W) X 240(D) X 175(H) mm
Attachment. AC Power Cable x 1
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