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  Pitch Perfect Blog The latest info from Pitch Perfect Audio - new audio products, events, discussions on audio gear, photos, music, life, the arts, and generally anything and everything along these lines.
  50 Miles of Elbow Room 50 Miles of Elbow Room's sells select vinyl and print publications. Their focus is on American vernacular music such as blues, free jazz, gospel, and old-time.
  Primeau Music

Primeau Music has the largest online selection of Rare and Collectable 78 and 45 RPM records worldwide! They also specialize in Antique Jukeboxes, Art Deco Bakelite Radios, Frankart style lamps and musical memorabilia.

  The Robb Report

Raising a Glass to Class A Sound, Shindo Labs Audio System

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Tone Imports is the North American Importer and Distributor for AcousticPlan, Auditorium 23, EMT, Leben Hi-Fi, LigoLab, Line Magnetic Audio, Sentec, and Shindo Labs