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Shindo Laboratory was established in 1977 with one goal in mind, to create the best musical experience in the home. Ken Shindo and his wife Harumi have been hard at work six days a week for almost 30 years quietly designing and refining what they refer to as "The music mind". It takes more than just a degree from electronics school to create the highest level of realism from hi-fi; It takes passion, skill, an open mind and a life long quest for perfection.

When the first Shindo Labs amplifier and pre-amplifier arrived at my door, I quickly wired them into my system. Within seconds of hearing them, I knew that I had found what I'd been looking for; Components that have the musicality, involvement, dynamics, emotional connection and build quality of yesterday with transparency, frequency extension, and bass control of today. With each passing day my first impressions have been reaffirmed over and over again.

Opening the top cover revealed a hand wired point to point circuit with a meticulous layout I've yet to see outside of a tektronix scope. It featured the best parts of yesterday and today including all NOS tubes from the 50's and 60's manufactured in Europe and America (Mullard, Tungsram, Telefunken, GE, Amperex, RCA, Philips etc.) oil capacitors, hand wired transformers etc. combined to create the Shindo sound. What is the Shindo sound? Pure emotion, startling dynamics, high resolution, pitch black backgrounds with a complete naturalness and emotional feel which will keep you up all night listening to your favorite music. These components are carefully built one at a time, just like in the old days.

While the world moves toward mediocrity, it's a relief to find a company like Shindo Laboratory. My search is over and yours can be too.

Shindo: Super Sonic
How a Japanese inventor created the ultimate modern stereo using the technology of days gone by

Download the Profile from Men's Vogue, Spring 2006 Edition (3MB)

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