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Power. What if we told you, you could have it all; Balance, clarity, perspective, dynamics...The entire musical message pure and unadulterated. Dramatic tension, ebb and flow, even boogie with Stu. The musical works. Shindo amplification will accommodate every musical goal and most sensible budgets.

Ken Shindo designs every model from the Montille to the Limited Editions with one goal in mind; A musically convincing presentation. Or as Ken Shindo puts it "The Music Mind." When selecting a Shindo amplifier, care should be taken to ensure the optimum amplifier/speaker mating. Every Shindo dealer is well versed in the entire line and can recommend proper pairings. Think of them as sonic sommeliers.

Every Shindo Laboratory Amplifier is designed by Ken Shindo, hand-built and made to order. Rare and highly valued NOS tubes have been plucked from the vines of our shared hi-fi heritage; Western Electric, Siemans, Mullard, Telefunken, RCA and more. Each employed to impart different sonic flavors. Yet common throughout the line is conservatively run tubes for extreme longevity. Forty even fifty thousand hours of operational use is not uncommon.

Using Shindo-designed transformers and tube rectification in all models, whether it's 8 or 40 watts, push pull or single-ended, every Shindo amplifier will connect you directly and emotionally to your music of choice. For more information on each amplifier, please click on the model name below.

Shindo Amplification
Single Ended Amplifiers Push Pull Amplifiers
Western Electric 300B Single Ended Limited Mono Block Amplifiers Lagrange Mono Block Amplifiers
Lafon GM70 Mono Block Amplifiers Corton-Charlamagne 80 Mono Block Amplifiers
D'Yquem Mono Block Amplifiers Corton-Charlemagne Q Mono Block Amplifiers
Cortese Stereo Amplifier Corton-Charlemagne EL34 Mono Block Amplifiers
  Haut Brion Stereo Amplifier
  Montrachet EL34 Stereo Amplifier
  Montille 391 Stereo Amplifier
  Montille 6V6 Stereo Amplifier
  Apetite 6V6 Stereo Line Amplifier
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Tone Imports is the North American Importer and Distributor for AcousticPlan, Auditorium 23, EMT, Leben Hi-Fi, LigoLab, Line Magnetic Audio, Sentec, and Shindo Labs