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The preamplifier is the heart of any music reproduction system. Its most important qualities being the ability to convey the emotion, timing, flow, nuance and coherence of the recorded musical event. While we can list many other characteristics and read about the various opinions on the relative importance of sonic minutiae, ultimately balance is key to a musically convincing portrayal.

Ken Shindo designs every model from the Aurieges-L to the Petrvs with this goal in mind; A musically balanced and musically convincing presentation. Or as Ken Shindo puts it "The Music Mind."

Every Shindo Laboratory preamplifier is designed by Ken Shindo, handmade and built to order. Point to point wiring is employed in every model as well as new old stock tubes. Each tube is carefully selected from an extensive in-house inventory of rare examples from the finest manufacturers including Western Electric, Telefunken, Tungsram, Amperex , RCA and Phillips. And each tube is hand selected to perfectly mate with the overall circuit design. Shindo does not build to price-points nor does he design around specific tubes, parts or topologies. The aim is to make products that make music and this is the impetus which determines how parts and circuits come together. The logic for material choice is dictated by one master - music.

In our experience, a Shindo preamplifier represents an ideal in musical reproduction. The meaningful choice on the road to musical enjoyment becomes simply one of budget and system-building concerns. The question isn't which preamplifier should I buy, rather which Shindo should I own. There are currently seven preamplifiers and one phono preamplifier in the Shindo line offering different levels of refinement.  For more information on each preamplifier, please click on the model name below.

Shindo PreAmplification

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